Buy Your 2017 Avila Beach Sunrise Calendar

I currently only have a few calendars left and I'm offering the last few at $10 for one or $18 for two with $2 shipping. Head over to the home page to order. Better hurry!



Last year, I put together a 2016 calendar of some of the most popular Avila Beach photos that I taken so far. I offer it for sale to help fund the Avila Beach site and for things things like my #KeepAvilaClean Project. The support for the calendar was so amazing, that in the past year, I’ve spent almost every morning somewhere on the beach in Avila capturing the best sunrises. I always leave the beach wet and sandy but with a camera full of photos & videos of my favorite moments. The calendar is collection of the most popular photos I’ve taken at sunrise and voted on by the fans of my Avila Beach Facebook Page. It represents my love for Avila Beach and it helps me support my Avila site and other projects. LEARN MORE